Production (AVL) Director


The Production Director at Centerpointe Church serves underneath the umbrella of CP Worship. This position oversees all production volunteers and service elements (A/V/L) on a weekly basis and for special events. It is their job to equip volunteers for success in a portable church environment and add creative elements to the services so the gospel can be effectively communicated to every person in the service. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Report weekly to Worship and Fine Arts Director about service details, events, and long term planning
  • Communicate with production volunteers
  • Oversee A/V/L during rehearsals and services.
  • Train and recruit new volunteers
  • Create processes for training and team roles
  • Provide fast, yet sustainable troubleshooting solutions to technical difficulties
  • Communicates future technological needs to Worship and Fine Arts Director


  • Minimum of 2 years experience in production at a medium-sized, contemporary church (portable church experience preferred but not required)
  • Knowledge and experience working with a digital sound board (preferably Allen & Heath) 
  • Proficient knowledge of A/V/L (including: live mixing, patching, troubleshooting, Propresenter, lighting systems, video recording, projectors)
  • Able to teach others well
  • Knowledge of Propresenter and Planning Center
  • Passionate about creatively communicating the gospel
  • Passionate about learning and trying new things
  • Intermediate level of musical knowledge preferred (must understand voice parts, musical balance, etc…)

Reports to Worship and Fine Arts Director


  • Part Time: 8-10 hours per week
  • Sundays (6:45-12pm)
  • One Weekday for office hours (3-5 hours per week)
    • 1 hour dedicated to weekly meetings with Worship and Fine Arts Director
    • Other hours dedicated to planning, training/recruiting, and troubleshooting

If interested, submit your resume to [email protected]