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Sundays @ 9:45am.

Cinemark Fairfax Corner 14



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WHERE: Cinemark Fairfax Corner 14

God has opened the door to be right in the middle of the marketplace, a place of influence.

Fairfax is “where the world does business.” The Fairfax government building is one mile from Centerpointe Church. Fairfax Corner is across the street. Cinemark is the centerpiece of Fairfax Corner. It has 14 theaters and is one of the most attended theaters in the United States.

When we fulfill our mission, people will experience a transformed life, change their community, and impact the world. They will experience authentic relationships in a community of other followers of Jesus and live to serve the world. A transformed life is an abundant life in Christ.


“Typically, movie theaters are the anchor of a larger development in the center of a community. When people describe where your church meets, the people they invite will know where it is…” -


“Take a look through scripture and it seems like God’s preference is to reach people in the marketplace rather than in holy places… By meeting ‘in the marketplace,’ you put your church in the midst of where people go about their daily lives. You’re taking the mission to the people rather than asking people to come to you!” -


WHY: Obedience, Opportunity, Outreach

It is critical that we understand our “why” in the decision to relocate. Here are the three primary reasons:


In 2014, the membership of our church voted to relocate. This decision was founded on prayer, conversations, and comparing the costs of building on our current site versus relocating. The leadership and membership concluded that God was leading us to relocate.

We believe the sale of 4104 Legato Road is led by God.


Opportunity: Concurrent to our decision to relocate, God presented us the opportunity to sell our property for the highest value. Mark Batterson said something profound to us when he said, “Perhaps God kept this property in a time capsule to be opened in such a time when it would make the greatest impact on the Kingdom.” We believe this to be true.


Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost. He spent his entire ministry on the lost. He came to seek and save them.

Centerpointe’s vision is beyond the walls of our building. It includes planting new churches, revitalizing existing churches, establishing spiritual wells in a variety of places in Northern Virginia. We also have dreams of community centers, second language churches, cafés, daycares, fine arts centers, and partnerships with businesses.

We believe that God is repositioning Centerpointe Church for the future: a wider reach, future ministries, new communities, greater diversity, and a better reflection of who God has called us to be.

Pastor Keith, “Why I believe in Centerpointe Church” from 9/8/19:


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HOW: Give

To effectively launch our theater campus, we need an additional $90,000. Please consider sowing an “end of the year” gift into this amazing opportunity we have to reach people and expand the Kingdom. Here is a breakdown of our costs:

MMATC Cost Breakdown